"The mind is everything. What you think, you become."

    The joy of discovery started with a feeble spark, then a mighty blaze, ever increasing in speed and power. To witness where the vehicle of hypnosis can take one’s Awareness, Imagination and Expression has been an honour and a privilege. It has been the direct experience, realisations, knowing and wisdom of the vast richness of consciousness, which can be attained and tapped into and which ancient teachings of Yoga discuss. It was there that I have found the closest words to reflect its depth: to feel where one’s awareness can reach, to see what imagination can see and to help guide others to create, to hear the joy of change and to sense the magnificence of positive influence… Bringing those who seek this into that space is what nourishes my soul’s Purpose. Being of a passionately curious nature helped tremendously though.

    Some things cannot be expressed with words, they can only be experienced. Yoga and Hypnosis definitely provide this experience. I love both, but Hypnosis was first. The rest you can read in a dictionary.

    “He who looks outside, dreams; he who looks within, awakens.”
    Carl Jung

    The Art of Hypnosis
    Hypnosis is a gateway to inner awareness and a precious tool to make lasting positive changes. It is a truly magical, creative and fascinating tool for mind and consciousness expansion.

    The roots of hypnosis are ancient reaching from Hindu scriptures to Ancient Egypt. The modern hypnosis originated in XVIII century. Every tool evolves. If you have not experienced professional hypnosis yet or have tried, but not properly, I invite you to join those who have discovered the beauty and potential of this magically versatile tool and are making magnificent improvements and extraordinary discoveries. I provoke the question: what will the hypnosis of the future be? Have you not tried hypnosis yet? I recommend you start now. I offer easy and gentle steps to massage the brain, exercise the mind and to treat the senses. Ideally, I encourage a long term development and an ultimate Mind and Consciousness Fitness.

    Experience the richness of your other lives. Expand your awareness and raise consciousness.

    We enjoy watching movies, don’t we? As a human species we are fascinated by watching others' life stories, emotions, failure and success. We love watching the game of life. However, why not, as an alternative to this, watch ourselves playing as the main actors, in another reality at another point in our journey through time?

    I recommend Time Travel therapies because they expand our awareness. That makes for mind fitness and is an enjoyable experience of discovery. The stories from other life times are absolutely fascinating. Every so often I find myself amazed and feeling like I am in the most private cinema discovering the very special details of history and knowledge filled with wisdom. One of the more exciting revelations is that on quite a few occasions my clients have revealed that I was one of the main players in their session.

    I will share the gifts of Time Travel with you dear friend, who is searching for the aspects of yourself you have lost and forgotten. I am here to assist you to regain the full potential of your magnificent self that you know deep down exists already somewhere. Let me help you to reconnect with your gifts and beauty.

    Small discoveries lead to great things.

    “He who looks outside, dreams; he who looks within, awakens.”
    Carl Jung

    Helping you to embrace the change

    Do you want to reinvent yourself? Do you plan to redesign the core pillars of your life? Do you long for more refinement and subtle improvements to how you express your personality?
    Everyone and each of us know that deep down somewhere there is a person we dream of being. The best address to check is your Subconscious Mind.
    Let me help you to surrender to yourself and find the courage, awarness and strenght within. When we acknowledge the forgotten parts of ourselves and honour it, we regain the precious aspects of our personality.
    So often many of us fear or resist change. We have been trained to see change in a negative light but that is only if we only look out not in. We can reset and train ourselves to think positively and learn how we might adapt to embrace that change.

    When we make the change within ourselves we make better decisions within our environment. When we change our perceptions everything becomes easier. We can change our reality profoundly in a very short time if we apply the right solutions.

    "Imagination is more important than knowledge for knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire word, and all there ever will be to know and understand."
    Albert Einstein

    Your Subconscious Mind is waiting for you to discover its wonders and tap into the reservoir of unlimited solutions. It is the part of the mind with the ocean of feelings and images. You can communicate with it directly. Hypnosis opens the door to a direct communications with the authentic self, with more of who you truly are. It stores all the memory of everything that ever happened to you and beyond. I encourage you to take a journey of inner discovery and deeper understanding of who we truly are and how we create our reality for that takes us into better understanding of how we manifest our creations. Tapping into the subconscious is not new. We do this every night when we dream or even during the day dreaming. It’s what makes our personality and brings creativity.

    "Genius is the ability to renew one's emotions in daily experience."
    Paul Cezanne
    "If your emotional abilities aren't in hand, if you don't have self-awareness, if you are not able to manage your distressing emotions, if you can't have empathy and have effective relationships, then no matter how smart you are, you are not going to get very far."
    Daniel Goleman
    "Gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions. The more you express gratitude for what you have, the more likely you will have even more to express gratitude for."
    Zig Ziglar

    SOLUTIONS with Hypnosis

    Providing the right solutions to make your life beautifully simple, inspiring and successful.

    We are only limited by our beliefs, blocks and fears. Once those have been transformed the path to our success, fulfilment and happiness is filled with opportunities

    Every small step leads to a greater change. That is why I provide various options. You can take small, moderate or big steps to make improvements in your life. It is up to you how fast and how far you want to go. Whether you are going through major changes in your life or want to refine the aspects of your character, I fluently facilitate both. By transforming limitations into empowerment we are expanding our creative potential, abilities and talents.

    Not sure which type of sessions is most appropriate for you? Don’t worry, your subconscious mind is always right and delivers the most appropriate way forward. Besides, it is like discovering a new city. There is so much to explore. The Subconscious mind has its own intelligence system to always look after you and to deliver what is most appropriate. I will guide you and help you navigate your journey. You are invited to arrange your consultation to plan the best way to start.

    Contact today to arrange a consultation and discuss the most suitable treatment and programme for your needs:
    Helping you to make the changes you always wanted to make

    Welcome to Advanced Structured Hypnotherapy - safe and gentle yet, the fastest, most effective and proven therapy on the market.

    I specialise inTheAustinTechnique,widely regarded as the most effective hypnotherapy treatment currently available. It is an advanced technique which treats many conditions including stress, fears, phobias, weight loss, relationship issues, addictions, compulsions and performance nerves. It reaches straight to the root of the problem and, with quick and safe techniques for hypnotic induction and/or regression, allows the person to access buried memories of past events, confront them and seek resolution.

    The Austin Technique is a precisely designed and sophisticated set of clear and safe tools to facilitate fast and lasting positive shifts in behaviour. Generally it works more dynamically than other hypnotherapy techniques which may require repeated visits over time. Normally only 3­5 sessions are required to achieve successful results. Only in deeply complex cases may a higher number of sessions be required.

    This method was devised by Valerie Austin, an internationally recognized expert in hypnotherapy and author of six bestselling hypnosis books. She developed the highly successful Stop Smoking in One Hour hypnosis programme, helping thousands to stop smoking worldwide. I am delighted to say that I am part of Valerie's small, elite team of approved Advanced Hypnotherapists.

    Advanced solutions made simple.


    Inner conflict release solution
    Solutions to embrace Inner Child
    Eat better and manage your weigh solution
    Phobia solution
    Belief solution
    Sleep solution
    Public Speaking solution
    Solution for interview worry and nerves
    Solution for self­esteem and confidence issues
    Healing solutions
    Motivation solution
    Discipline solution
    Future Vision solution

    Solutions suitable for:
    Personal crisis
    Obstacles and blockages
    Unserving patterns
    Belief system
    Trauma release
    Emotional balance

    Bye Bye cigarettes
    - Now you know you can stop smoking in one hour!

    ‘If you find a better method that achieves the same success rate I will learn it and then teach that method.’ Valerie Austin

    I offer the internationally acclaimed ‘Stop Smoking in One Hour’ therapy as devised by the renowned hypnotherapist, Valerie Austin. This technique, using advanced hypnotherapy, has a 95% success rate.

    I provide a reliable solution, which combined with your commitment and my high expertise will make you quit in just one hour.

    “All men dream of he must be”

    Tap into your future potentials and examine the possibilities for yourself bringing greater understanding, insights and advice from your future self. These sessions can bring clarity when perhaps you feel your life is at crossroads and you have to make choices. Clients experience clarity and a positive mindset, becoming empowered to follow and consciously create their desired outcomes.

    Progression is about visualising our goal. We do it all the time anyway, but in hypnosis we do it with a focused attention which brings that desired reality into manifestation. You can examine how you like it, then adjust it, and you can have a preview of the reality of your choice. Just like you try the clothes in the fitting room of the department store, you can get a feel of your future self. The real purpose of glimpsing any undesired outcome is for you to know that you can change it by taking certain actions, therefore allowing you to be aligned with the outcome you want. Having found that fulfilled and successful future reality, people report peace in their soul, joy in their hearts, and motivation to pursue their goals. Many have told us and we have been programmed by the challenges of the past, that happiness is impossible. Yet we long for it, and know that it is possible, and it must be.

    Clarity           Insights           Solutions           Belief           Breakthroughs           Sense of knowing           Empowerment           Motivation           Inspiration           Creative ideas           Leadership           Innovation           Evolution          

    Thousands of individuals worldwide have already enjoyed this experience.

    The Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy™ involves the induction of a deeper level of trance. This creates an enhanced level of self­awareness which can precipitate instantaneous freedom from psychological barriers and energetic or emotional blockages.
    This expanded state of human consciousness can induce various connections with Past Lives, Future Lives, Parallel Lives or Lives in Other Dimensions. QHHT works by accessing the ‘most appropriate time and place’ to enable healing solutions (and/or sought­after information) to be found. This can be applied to any issue or question an individual has in their search for clarity, balance, harmony, empowerment, peace, joy and love.
    This technique of hypnosis has been created by Dolores Cannon an internationally famous hypnotherapist, past­life regressionist, researcher, speaker and author of 17 books. The QHHT was developed and refined over her 45 year career as a regressive hypnotherapist, working with thousands of clients in countries all over the world.

    Before your session you may enjoy further insight into Dolores Cannon the founder of the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy™ at www.dolorescannon.com (and perhaps dip into her 17 books based on over 40 years work and research sessions with clients). Dolores is featured in the list of 100 most spiritually influential living people of 2014.

    Quantum sessions: Welcome Beginner 3-4h Curious Explorer 2h Master Adventurist 2-3h

    Information           Insights           Solutions           Breakthroughs           Healing           Awareness           Relief           Freedom           Improvements           Empowerment           Reason           Physical and mental uplift           Understanding of unexplainable           Mind­body connection           Feeling of wholeness           Memories           Emotions           Friendships           Contracts           Relationships           New angles of perception           Clarity           Deeper meaning           Life path           Ancient discoveries           Life Purpose           Alignment           Mind fitness           Consciousness expansion           Enjoyable experience          

    Solutions for Yoga

    Now you can reach into greater delights and deeper experience of your Yoga practice with the help of hypnosis sessions designed specifically for Yoga passionates.

    Accelerate your Yoga experience and deepen on and off the matt practice with Monika’s unique approach. She loves Yoga and Hypnosis hence her precious knowledge, understanding and expertise in combining both. She will share with you her uniquely designed programmes and guide you to discover more. Now Yogi’s secrets are within your reach much sooner.

    Monika’s Signature Treatments and Programmes

    Perfect for everyone
    Spa for the Mind in 7 easy and pleasant steps:


    Live Life Beautifully
    MIND SPA - Hypnosis Alchemy Experience
    360° Mind Wellness Therapy.
    Treat your Mind to the joy of discovery end surrender to deep emotional release to unlock your natural beautiful expression. Once we create profound inner shift into harmony, balance and freedom our outer world will reflect this change. The more beauty we awaken within, the more refined our actions and creations become.

    Combining various tools Monika navigates through Alchemy processes, engaging inner vision and senses to create the most positive and impactful experience. This is an ultimate way to treat the inner senses of your Mind, Heart and Soul.

    Enjoy a delightful 2 hour session or a programme of 7 sessions, 1 hour each.
    "F" SENSE
    Perfect for women
    Connect with your Feminine Sense and awaken more:


    Live Life Beautifully

    Welcome to Inspiring, fun and empowering classes and retreat programmes

    I invite you to join my new unique classes, workshops and retreats with an innovative approach. The programmes are creative, inspiring and experiential. I will be blending the conventional knowledge and techniques with my unique approach of fluidity, intuition, awareness and joy.

    The purpose of those programmes is to make improvements and changes within by learning, understanding and expanding our beautiful inner potential. Come and experience the power of sharing and evolving together as a group and as a community. Together we create safe environment to honour and support one another. This provides a suitable space for self-awareness to evolve through joy, interaction and creativity. I look forward for you to find out how expansive, exciting and impactful they are.

    Remember, even the smallest step brings you closer towards your desired outcome.

    Welcome to Inspiring, fun and empowering classes and retreat programmes

    Exercise Your Passion

    Living your passion and doing what you love is the best way to happiness. When you engage in activities you are passionate about and that bring you joy, you can expand your inner potential.

    When we are truly aligned with our passion, we radiate joy and beauty. Others around will notice and honour that. So we give others and opportunity to please their eyes and senses with the beautiful person that we are. In this way we are strengthening our inner confidence of how to be that beautiful, confident and moving-forward version of ourselves.

    When a safe environment is created we are able to hold space to honour and support one another. Meeting with new individuals and doing new things brings new opportunity for an expansive, exciting and impactful time and growth.

    Long-term development will bring you consistent and growing results as in order to experience the shift there needs to be a continuum of intention and action.

    Identify, explore and expand your passion.
    Power up your passion by connecting with others.
    Experience the power of evolving together.
    Strengthen your confidence by living and expressing your passion.
    Learn how to look after and nourish your passion.
    Visualise. Expand your awareness and consciousness.
    Consistency and dedication is required in order to get the most satisfying results.

    10 weeks programmes

    "Discover and Embrace Your Uniqueness"

    Join and experience the power of sharing and group intention towards nourishing our individual beautiful expression and moving towards our unique aspirations and passions.

    In the classes I will be utilising many different tools so those will be hugely creative, dynamic, enjoyable and expansive. We will be stretching our minds and consciousness and expanding awareness about ourselves, our interactions and passions.

    In those classes we learn to be unique, we learn about our uniqueness and we work on confidence in expressing our uniqueness and as we do so we will notice how the world around responds how many more beautiful interactions we can experience and invite. So we are learning the strength and confidence how to be that beautiful, confident and moving forward version of ourselves.

    10 weeks programmes

    Monika invites you to join her on unique trips to experience and absorb the beauty of Egypt. Visit the Sacred sites and temples and connect with the wonders of this Ancient civilization.

    Allow the sites to take your breath away
    Connect with the wonders of Ancient civilization
    Step into the temples and gateways to unlock the consciousness
    Discover the ‘New’ Ancient connections

    Connect with others who seek to discover the magic in the hidden corners and gateways of Egyptian temples.

    March and September Equinox in Siwa Oasis

    Private retreats

    Have you been dreaming about an extraordinary experience and want to visit Egypt?

    Monika will help you to organise unique, exclusive and memorable private trip.

    Get in touch.


    Coming soon...


    Personal Development is a key to company’s growth. Your employees are your assets. The more they grow the more success the company will achieve.

    Monika envisions that it is important to look at the influence and responsibility of the company’s on the local, city, country and global level and how much care they take in investing in their employees’ evolution. Are you a company that values, cares and understands its responsibilities towards your body of employees? Being a leader is a responsibility and each of you can fulfil the above statement.

    Monika offers innovative and inspirational talks, workshops and tailor made programmes for the well-being of your employees.

    The performance of the company comes from an individual input. The best employee is the healthy and happy employee. When we take care of our minds we are able to create more constructive momentum within the organisation. It has a positive effect on the employees themselves and those around them. In a wider spectrum we are influencing the wellbeing of the local and global community.

    Mind care

    Monika advocates the work and life balance and uses effective tools to achieve this. We all know the importance of looking after ourselves, yet the modern life is fast paced and is becoming more and more demanding. Therefore it is vitally important to remember how to take care of our most precious commodity –the human minds. She inspires, educates and expands.


    Monika is passionate about raising the awareness and importance of maintaining the life balance and achieving the mind’s highest potential. Monika’s goal is to educate about the inner balance and personal care.


    A healthy and balanced society of the future depends on how much awareness and action we apply now in educating individuals about caring for their all over wellbeing.

    A healthy mind equals healthy employees. This generates better flow and performance to help you reach your full potential and maximum effectiveness. Wellbeing of the employees translates into better performance.

    Monika offers presentations where you and your employees can discover more about her approach and unique style of work. She will present simple tips about mind care for better performance and balance. Get a taste of what is possible and how enjoyable the process can be.

    Personal Development made simple and enjoyable.

    Monika offers Awareness talks and presentations. This is an incredible opportunity and a real treat to learn more about the know-how of personal development. Monika presents a creative and innovative approach. She believes evolving should be simple and enjoyable.

    Increase creativity and innovation.

    Monika offers a range of tailor-made programmes designed specifically for your employees and company needs to expand efficiency and creativity. You can choose from various 2 hour team workshops to New Generation DIAMOND IDEAS programmes, full transformational VISION ALIGNMENT programmes and Executive Leadership Consultancy.

    Contact Monika for more details.

  • Imagination, Peace, Gratitude, Harmony, Security, Flow, Energy, Vibration, Frequency, Attunement, Transformation, Transference, Simplicity, Translucence, Acceptance, Unity, Serenity, Guidance, Light, Serendipity, Awareness, Forgiveness, Courage, Focus, Stability, Force, Power, Will, Grace, Purity, Learning, Mastery, Teaching, Listening, Sharing, Stillness, Humility, Joy, Affection, Admiration, Purity, Blooming, Contemplation, Beauty, Connectivity, Humility, Plenitude, Health, Happiness, Ecstasy, Fulfillment, Fruitfulness, Attraction, Loyalty, Reasoning, Understanding, Offer, Support, Growth, Certainty, Realization, Goodness, Greatness, Playfulness, Balance, Equilibrium, Achievement, Freedom, Creation, Timelessness, Confidence, Dream, Perfection, Infinity, Consideration, Life, Substance, Sensation, Receptivity, Nourishment, Emotion, Fabulous, Betterment, Passion, Hope, Betterment, Satisfaction, Excitement, Fantasy, Ascending, Potency, Become, Capacity, Invocation, Evocation, Inspiration, Brilliance, Enthusiasm, Friendship, Source, Up, Amplification, Amplitude, Colorfulness, Now, Wealth, Relaxation, Vision, Attention, Magnetism, Faithfulness, Revelation, Qualities, Excellence, Wonderfulness, Strength, Fantastic, Amazing, Compassion, Luck, Charm, Charisma, Upliftment, Chance, Splendor, Bounty, Knowledge, Desire, Being, Heart, Completion, Transcendent, Best, Intention, Tool, Intuition, Thankfulness, Purpose, New, Cherishing, Magic, Overcome, Conceiving, Conceptualization, Rhythm, Dance, Romance, Choice, Winning, Mighty, Unanimous, Honesty, Limitless, Belief, Beyond, Truth, Ultra, Talent, Value, Openness, Nature, Opportunity, Zest, Freshness, Youth, Bliss, Love


    Excellence in Human Potential

    Welcome to the world of Creative Conscious Solutions for Personal and Business Excellence

    I invite you to an innovative approach
    to the Personal Development for modern life.
    I am here to assist you to make improvements in your life style
    and helping you to be better in everything you do.

    Providing solutions to make your life beautifully simple,
    inspiring and successful.

    Helping you to make the changes you always wanted to make

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